Berber Skink



The size of this species can vary substantially from 30cm to 45cm.

Habitat and Distribution

This is a desert dwelling species which can be found in much of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sinai, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Around 15 years is an average life span for this species.


The majority of this species diet is made up of insects, and large individuals may eat baby vertebrates such as mice.

Groups and Breeding

These lizards can generally be found on their own or in pairs.  The female will bury 1 to 6 eggs in a nest which hatch after approximately 40 days.


Even though this species is often caught for the pet trade, it is very common and has a very wide range and as such faces few threats in the wild.

Interesting fact’s

When threatened, this species can drop its tail and re-grow a new one over time (however while functional the new tail will never look the same as the original).