Bengalese Finch



The average length of this bird is 12 to 15cm.

Habitat and Distribution

This is a domesticated type of Finch which cannot be found in the wild.


On average these birds will live 4 to 6 years however they have been known to live for up to 8 years.


Their diet mimics a wild diet of seeds and grains through the consumption of commercial finch or parakeet diets.

Groups and Breeding

These birds are fairly social and females will often share a single nest site (however when males are kept with just other males there can sometimes be aggression between them). A female will lay 4 to 8 eggs and shortly after laying the last one, the 16 day incubation will begin.


This bird does not exist naturally in the wild and as such is in no need for conservation.

Interesting fact’s

The Bengalese Finch is a domesticated form of a Finch known as the White Rumped Mannikin.