Asian Beauty Snake


This snake generally grows to lengths of between 5ft and 7ft (1.5m to 2m).

Habitat and Distribution
This particular species in native to China where it lives mainly in forests and can often be found in and around rock crevices and caves. It is also attracted to agricultural areas due to the increased number of rodents in these areas.

This snake is known to live an average life of 12 to 15 years.

This snakes diet consists mainly of rodents but can also fairly regularly include birds.

Groups and Breeding
At 18 months of age these snakes become sexually mature from which time they can lay clutches of 4 to 15 eggs taking up to 65 days to hatch. Females can lay up to 2 clutches of eggs per year.
These snakes are generally solitary animals for the majority of the year.

This snake has few threats in the wild from predation and from Human contact, although it is caught in small numbers for the pet trade. It does however feature in the diet of some larger monitor lizards.

Interesting fact’s
In its home range some local farmers encourage these snakes in to agricultural buildings to help with pest control.