Argentine Horned Frog

Albino Argentinian Horned Frog at Wingham Wildlife Park

Argentine Horned Frog Natural History


Females of this frog species can reach a length of around 6 inches, while the smaller males will generally reach lengths of 3 to 4 inches.

Habitat and Distribution

This is a rainforest dwelling species which lives in the leaf litter of the forest floor. It can be found mainly in Argentina but also has small ranges in Uruguay and Brazil.


The average lifespan of this species is 6 to 7 years, however 10 is not uncommon.


This frog will eat any amphibian, mammal, birds, reptile or insects which crosses its path, as long as it will fit in its mouth.

Groups and Breeding

This frog can lay up to 2000 eggs after breeding which take 2 weeks to turn in to tadpoles. Many of these tadpoles will feed on one another to leave only the fittest of the clutch to make their way to adulthood.


This frog is near threatened mainly due to deforestation throughout its range.

Interesting facts

This frog is amongst its keepers in the pet trade often affectionately called the Pac-Man frog after the old computer game character. it has gained this name due to its very large mouth, round body and seeming ability to eat anything which appears in front of it.

The Horned Frog During Your Day Out in Kent

At Wingham Wildlife Park we have a number of individuals of this species, which shows of a number of its beautiful colour variations.  We have a chocolate coloured male, an albino male and a green female, however due to their territorial nature you will only ever see a single specimen on display at any one time.  It is important for our reptile keepers to keep a close eye on how much these frogs are fed as they can be incredibly greedy.