African Pygmy Goat

African Pygmy Goats at Wingham Wildlife Park

African Pygmy Goat Natural History



The height of the African pygmy goat breed varies from 16 inches to 23 inches, with females often being slightly smaller than males.

Habitat and Distribution.

This is a domesticated goat breed which does not have a natural range, however their origin stems from the Cameroon Valley of West Africa.


The African pygmy goat generally has a life span of between 10 and 15 years.


This is a grazing animal which uses grass and other ground plants to make up the majority of its diet, however it must also include dried foods such as hay and a variety of seeds and grains.

Groups and Breeding.

African pygmy goats can be encouraged to breed all year round however will generally only give birth to a single young, however it is not uncommon for more young to be born from a single female.


African Pygmy Goat at Wingham Wildlife Park


At Wingham Wildlife Park we have a small African pygmy goat group which lives in an enclosure with deer, a miniature donkey and Bennett’s wallabies.  This enclosure allows visitors to get really close to a naturally friendly species which you can stroke and hand feed using food available to buy at the park.  Their diet at our park is mainly made up of fresh vegetables, hay and specially formulated dry biscuits.